Cards made to order at  House of Hippo

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Bespoke greeting cards and albums for a special occasion or every day. Many feature a hand stamped Christian sentiment or appropriate verses from scripture.

What people say about House of Hippo

  • Wow that is really amazing. ... wonderful thanks.  AM

  • The finished article is superb. John Flanner (Solihul)

  • Heather-those are fantastic! Thank you so much for doing them. You are amazing. AM

  • Thanks so much for both the amazing Christmas cards! They're fantastic. The blue one is awesome!

  • hi heather i showed your booklet to my pastor he thought it was great!!!!he loved the way it was done. he was born in the uk so it really touched him that the things we shared could effect something in the u.k great job on the booklet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wonderful!!!!!!!! i am sure it will be fruitful blessings. Jim Barbarossa, (Step By Step Ministries USA)

  • thank you so much for your creative expertise and patience, particularly with me in relation to various amendments. BD

  • Hello Heather, they look fantastic. MB 

  • I LOVE it!!! Praise the Lord. May I have permission to reprint it and distribute it to the truckers and anyone else I can get it to? Merwin Rhodes, Steering Wheel Ministries, USA

  • You are a true craftswoman, beautiful, just beautiful. DM

  • I didn't realise it was your work- should have known-it's brilliant. PP

  • I just wanted to say a huge thank you, you never disappoint. AH

  • I have only just got to a computer to open up the file. I love it and it is exactly what I wanted, but so much better than I could have done. SW

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